Provincial Bailiff

Provincial Bailiff

Asset Auctions is licensed, bonded and contracted by official Provincial bailiffs on behalf of government departments, creditors and banks, who have seized merchandise under legislative authority, usually for payment arrears. In 2009 Provincial Bailiff Richard Schwarzer appointed Asset Auctions in connection with one of the largest government jewellery seizures in Canadian history. Mr. Schwarzer has a very rare Level II Security Clearance with the Canadian government. Unscrupulous people have spread misinformation online, including the claim that Asset Auctions is not a seized jewellery auctioneer. Below you can find a certificate and letter from Mr. Schwarzer, and you can contact him to verify the appointment at 905-643-9831 or Bailiff1@bellnet.ca. There are more than 100 lots of seized jewellery available for each live auction held by Asset Auctions.
Official Bailiff Certificate
Bailiff Letter of May 2013

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