Engagement Rings and Rolex Watches for Graduation

Asset Auctions Customers “Now she is my fiancé,” says Jason B. “She’s not really very material, but for the engagement ring I wanted it to be extra special. Fortunately I got a beautiful diamond at a great price because of Asset Auctions. I was able to show her how much she means to me, and she could really shine with her family and friends.” “My son is only going to graduate from university once,” says Charles L. “I wanted to get him a Rolex like my father gave me. I wasn’t sure I could afford it until I found the government live auction company, Asset Auctions. With Asset I could buy an even better Rolex than I had planned.” These are just two among many who are increasingly buying jewellery at live public government auctions. “There is more merchandise being seized these days,” says Bruce Nagy, Asset Auctions Marketing Director, “and the prices at auction are really good.” More and more, governments are seizing watches, diamond, ruby, emerald and sapphire rings, necklaces, bracelets and cars from Rolex, Piaget, Cartier, BMW, and Mercedes from people who have way too much debt, or from people doing something illegal, such as importing contraband or being involved with white collar schemes. Once it’s seized the merchandise has to go to auction. The government needs to recover a minimum amount of public funds and the auctioneer earns a set commission, so the values are impressive. Many people pay half the appraised value or less. “I bought two beautiful rings for my wife’s birthday. She’s going to be surprised, but I won’t tell her what a great deal I got,” says one man. “We have been to Asset Auctions many times. We always walk away with great items for everyone in the family. The auctioneer gives us all the information we need to get the best deal possible,” says another. Unlike many online services, higher quality jewellery is sold at live government auction, and can be a great investment. “When I first came to the auction I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to afford some of the beautiful items. I was glad to learn there are pieces available to suit every budget,” says a woman leaving with two new watches. “We purchased several items,” says a local investor. “We were happy to see that they all came with independent appraisals from certified gemologists.”

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